Get To Know Travis Mathew

Posted on July 31 2016

Get To Know Travis Mathew

TRAVIS MATHEW is a fresh and progressive brand of golf apparel that features an exclusive line of lifestyle wear and accessories. Based in Southern California, the company has evolved to meet the demands of today’s active consumer by blending style, function, performance and innovative design. Inspired by fashion, sports, music, and art, the Travis Mathew brand is a reflection of the cultures and lifestyles inherent to its Southern California roots.

The company’s first collection, “A World in Black & White,” was launched in the Spring of 2008. Reflecting the brand’s vision of consistently providing diversity for an industry choked with homogenized styles and fits, Travis Mathew’s unique theme was long overdue in the golf-apparel market. The TM line attracted attention immediately. PGA star Tommy Armour III inquired about the brand being worn on Tour by his good friend, John Mallinger. Since then, Travis Mathew has evolved into more than merely an apparel brand. It is now a popular lifestyle and culture, and continues to grow with the game of golf.

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