Golf Course Fashion

November 27 2016 – AARON CAMILLERI

Golf Course Fashion
Golf Course Fashion




Even if your golf game looks like a complete train wreck, golf offers you a unique chance to express your personal taste and sense of style. That's great--if you have a well-defined personal style. If you don't, the various style options and accessory choices can be as much of a minefield as an island green surrounded by bunkers.

Building your golf course fashion sense is, fortunately, much easier than becoming a scratch golfer. By keeping the notions of color, functionality, and accessorizing in mind, you can ensure that you always look like a million bucks on the course--until you tee off, that is.


The most important thing to consider when you're on the golf course is your surroundings. Even if you find yourself in the sand traps most of the time, the majority of a golf course is going to be green. That means, at a minimum, you're going to want to avoid dressing yourself in various shades of green. You'll wash out against your surroundings or clash with incompatible shades.

That means you'll have to choose your own colors--with the exception of green. The best way to go about that is to use the color wheel. Basically, colors that are close to each other on the color wheel are more compatible than those on opposite sides. By keeping your choices to related colors, you can make certain that your choices involve similar foundations.

A quick note about patterns: Golf has become a sport where audacious patterns are typical on certain types of apparel. As a rule, stick to patterns that incorporate related colors on the color wheel. Also, consider pairing a piece of clothing with a pattern with another that is solid. Mixing patterns is a dangerous game!


Golf is a game played in the natural elements. Unlike a social gathering held in a bar or restaurant, golfers need to factor climate into their fashion choices. This consideration leads to certain choices that might not otherwise be consistent with your personal taste.

For example, a hot day might require the golfer to wear shorts, which would in turn lead to the choice of shoes that resemble tennis shoes. On the other hand, in cool weather golfers might choose leather shoes with a formal appearance to balance their choice of pants. When adding in windbreakers, short vs. long sleeves, and other considerations, things can become difficult.

To begin, determine your functional needs for the day. These decisions often take the form of:

.   Pants or shorts

.   Polo or sweater

.   Rain gear

If your needs for the day are intense, go conservative on the clothing choices. They'll likely be covered anyway, and the ensemble could look mismatched. If the weather is warm and stable, feel free to take a few risks!


Some golf accessories enhance a golfer's performance, while others are stylistic choices. The most important choice lies with a golfer's hat. The hat serves a purpose--tracking your shots is difficult when hitting into the sun. Choose a hat that is color-neutral and that you feel comfortable wearing. Visors are a good option, too.

The other major accessory issue comes with jewelry. Watches, bracelets, and neck chains can distract a golfer during the swing. You should avoid heavy accessorizing when golfing. It's also a good idea to wear your accessories to the range and attempt to hit a few balls with them on. You'll know right away if that bracelet is going to stay on your wrist or end up in the bag.

If you keep these three factors in mind, you'll be almost guaranteed to look elegant and stylish on the course and in the clubhouse. That way, the only thing you'll have to be self-conscious about is your short game.