Tips for Buying Golf Clothes

January 23 2018 – AARON CAMILLERI

Tips for Buying Golf Clothes
Tips for Buying Golf Clothes

Every golf player knows and values the importance of comfortable golf clothes. For sure, you will never blame your blouse for a lousy golf round but you can not deny that the more comfortable you feel, the better your game. At least, no one wants to be uncomfortably cold or hot, to be restricted from moving freely or to fight with sticky sleeves. That is why when it comes to choosing golf clothes, maximum comfort is what we are looking for.

So if you are shopping for golf apparel, there are some tips that will help you to choose the best clothing for you. Tips we want to share with you are all based on properties of golf clothing. 

  1. Style

Despite the fact that comfort is always a priority, the importance of style can not be underestimated. We want to look great in any situation. Stylish golf clothes will make you feel more confident. It means that somehow style can even improve your game.

  1. Material

A material your golf clothes are made of have to provide you with comfortable stretch. That is why, if you are looking for the best, consider buying golf clothes made of polyester, lycra, nylon, mercerized cotton, and spandex, or a blend of such fabrics.

  1. Moisture-Management

To feel comfortable while playing golf, your body has to be dry both in humidity and heat. That is why it will be wise to choose clothes with moisture management properties such as the “wicking” property.

  1. Waterproof Properties

Additional comfort in humidity is provided by waterproof clothes. Nevertheless, remember that you do not need any waterproof properties if you play in a hot and sunny season.

  1. UV Protection

As you know, the sun can penetrate and reach the skin even when it is covered by clothes. That is why, if you want to enjoy balanced workout even on sunny days, there is a need for a garment with UV protection.

  1. Breathability

While choosing golf clothes, it is important to focus on those made of quality fabric for maximum airflow inside. It will allow you to play for hours with maximum comfort.

  1. Weather Protection

Always choose golf apparel that suits the weather. So if you are planning to play on rainy days, waterproof clothes is a great choice. If you are planning some winter games, consider buying clothes made with Gore-Tex.